Dwaraka Tirumala Temple, Chinna Tirupati

Dwaraka Tirumala is an historic holy place and a famous pilgrim centre in South India of Andhra Pradesh. Dwaraka Tirumala is located forty two KM from ‘Eluru’, the headquarters of West Godavari District. On Vijayawada- Rajahmundry kingdom dual carriageway and 15KM distance from Bhimadole Junction, which is on Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam major Railway line. Because the human beings on this place visit it periodically for supplying worship to the fundamental Deity – Sri Venkateswara, and as almost rituals and traditions identical to the sector–famend Sri Venkateswara shrine of Tirumala are accompanied. Therefore, it is called Chinna Tirupati. There are temples right here: one for Venkateswara and another Mallikarjuna on the hillock, looking like a serpent in shape, and justifies to notion that Anantha, the divine serpent is thrilled to take this serpent shape to bear on him each Siva and Vishnu. Siva at the hood and Venkateswara on the tail, demonstrating to the world a harmonious combo of “Saivism and Vaishnavism”, that oneness making sure bless in this international.

This pilgrimage centre is known as “Dwaraka Tirumala” after the brilliant saint, “Dwaraka” who placed the self manifested idol of Lord “Sri Venkateswara” after extreme penance in a ‘Valmikam’ (ant hill). The devotees name Sri Venkateswara as Kali Yuga Vaikunta Vasa. This place is likewise called “Chinna Tirupati”. As in step with Sastras North Indian rivers like Ganges and Yamuna are taken into consideration to be an increasing number of holy as they pass as much as the origin and south Indian rivers like Krishna and Godavary are more and more holy as they go down the river to its mouth to the sea. It’s miles why there are various shrines and holy bathing ghats, at near durations, on both sides of the high-quality grand rivers Krishna and Godavary in their lower regions. The location blanketed via our Dwaraka Tirumala is commanding the pinnacle most conspicuous function in India, being garlanded by way of these exceptional Indian rivers Krishna and Godavary, as pointed out by using Brahma Purana. The devotees who wish to move and offer their donations, or tonsures or every other services to Lord Venkateswara, Lord of Tirumala Tirupati, known as as “Pedda Tirupati”, due to some motive, if they may be not able to go there, they are able to provide their donations, prayers and worship in Dwaraka Tirumala temple.

Dwaraka Tirumala is a well-known temple from the historic instances. According to a few Puranas, the temple is famous even in Satya Yuga and continues to be attracting the devotees. Consistent with Brahma Purana, Aja Maharaja, the Grand father of Lord Sri Rama additionally worshiped Lord Venkateswara for his marriage. On his way to the ‘Swayamvaram’ of Indumati, he surpassed by the temple. He did no longer provide prayers in the temple. The bride Indumati garlanded him, but he had to face a battle with the kings who got here to the Swayamvaram. He found out that the battle changed into thrust on him for ignoring the temple on the way. After understanding this, Aja Maharaja prayed to the Lord Venkateswara. All of sudden the kings stopped the war. It is a brilliant wonder to peer two primary idols under one Vimana Sikharam. One idol is a full and whole statue. The alternative is a half of statue of the higher part of the shape of the Lord. The top portion of the shape is a self-manifested idol placed by using Sage “Dwaraka”. The saints of the yore felt the prayers to the Lord are not whole with out worshipping His holy toes. So, the saints joined together and set up a full statue behind the self-manifested idol, to worship the feet of the Lord in keeping with Vaikhanasa Agamam.

It’s miles believed that the prayers to the smaller statue of the Lord will lead to Moksha, and the huge form stands for Dharma, Artha and Kama. The Tiru kalyanotsavam is widely known two times a 12 months. One for the self manifested idol within the month of “Vaisakha” and the alternative for the hooked up idol within the month of “Asvijaa” This pilgrimage centre is called “Dwaraka Tirumala” after the exceptional saint, “Dwaraka” who placed the self-manifested idol of Lord “Sri Venkateswara”, after excessive penance in a ‘Valmikam’ (Ant hill). The devotees name Sri Venkateswara as Kaliyuga Vaikuntha Vasa. This area is likewise referred to as “Chinna Tirupati”.

As in step with Shastra, North Indian rivers like Ganges and Yamuna are taken into consideration to be more and more holy as they go up to the starting place and south Indian rivers like Krishna and Godavari too are holy, as they pass down the river to its mouth into the ocean. It really is why there are various shrines and holy bathing Ghats, at close intervals, on each aspects of the exceptional grand rivers Krishna and Godavari in their lower areas. The region protected by using our Dwaraka Tirumala is commanding the pinnacle maximum conspicuous role in India, being garlanded by using these outstanding Indian rivers Krishna and Godavari, as mentioned through Brahma Purana.

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How to reach

  • By Road: Direct buses are available from Eluru, Vijayawada and Hyderabad too. It takes about One hour and fifteen minutes by road from Eluru. Dwaraka Tirumala is 15 km from Bhimadole Junction. Bhimadole is between Vijayawada and Rajahmundry State Highway. Apart from Direct Busses, one can catch buses from rajahmundry to vijayawada / Vijayawada to Rajahmundry and alight at Bhimadole and catch buses to Dwaraka Tirumala.The Devasthanam has provided free bus facility from the main temple to Kesakhanadana Sala, Sri Vakulamata Annaprasada Bhavanam, Goshala, Sivalayam and surrounding temples.
  • By Train: Though there is a Railway station at Bhimadole, very few trains (mostly local) stop. This railway station is on the main railway line of Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam.One can alight at Eluru (if you are coming from Vijayawada) or at Rajahmundry/TadepalliGudem (if you are coming from Visakhapatnam) and catch a local train to Bhimadole and from Bhimadole,Catch a bus & the transportation is well developed across Andhra and other Places like Bhubaneswar, Bangalore,Kolkata. Help line center at Bhimadole junction bus stand will render help to reach Dwaraka Tirumala.
  • By Air: By flight, reach Vijayawada International Airport (Gannavaram) or Rajahmundry Airport (Madhurapudi) and from there take a Taxi or Bus towards Eluru, to reach Dwaraka Tirumala.
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How to reach

  • Nearest airport is Vijayawada(Gannavaram)
  • Nearest railway station is Bhimadole
  • Nearest bus stations are Eluru and Vijayawada
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