Yeguva Sri Ahobila Narasimha Swamy Temple, Ahobilam

Ahobilam is a city and holy web page in the Allagadda mandal of Kurnool district inside the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.It’s far surrounded with the aid of picturesque hills of the eastern Ghats with several mountain hills and gorges. It’s far the centre of worship of Narasimha, the lion-headed avatar of Vishnu, to whom the 9 Hindu temples and other shrines all committed. The main village and a temple complicated are at lower Ahobilam. Higher Ahobilam, approximately 8 kilometres to the east, has more temples in a steep gorge.

The temple consists of nine shrines to Narasimha, placed round a five km circle. In addition to the 9 shrines, there is a temple for Prahaladavarada Varadhan within the foothills of the mountain. Because of protection motives and the problem in acting every day worship, many of the utsava vigrahas of the 9 shrines are stored in this temple. To go to the entire organization nevertheless entails some relatively onerous on foot. The primary Narashima temples at every website were constructed or multiplied by using the emperors of Vijayanagara within the fifteenth and 16th centuries, then sacked with the aid of the Mughals in 1578, then restored and extended at numerous times, as much as the cutting-edge. As they stand, they’re a aggregate of labor from all these intervals.

Ahobilam is historically appeared because the place in which Vishnu in the form of Narasimha killed the Rakshasa Hiranyakashipu a good way to save his devotee Prahlada. The legend says that Narasimha emerged from a rock pillar to slay the Rakshasha. The moment is represented in some of murti within the various temples. Also, Garuda prayed for a imaginative and prescient of Narasimha in the form of Avathara, to fulfil his desire, and settled in 9 bureaucracy across the hills in Ahobilam.

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How to reach

  • By Road: Ahobilam pilgrimage center is in the middle of Nallamalai Hills of Eastern Ghat (reserve forest area) with Thirumala Hills on the southern end and Srisailam on the northern end.This is at a distance of 25 KM from Allagadda Bus station. There are No.of A.P.S R.T.C buses and Private Vehicles from Allagadda to Ahobilam.
  • By Train: Nearest Railway Stations to this temple: Nandyal Railway Station (74 Kms), Cuddapah Railway Station (118 Kms).
  • By Air: Nearest Airport: Hyderabad – Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (333 Kms) Direct Flights to Hyderabad.
    Tirupati – Tirupati International Airport (248 Kms)
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How to reach

  • Nearest airport is Tirupati 
  • Nearest railway station is Nandyal 
  • Nearest bus stations are Ahobilam and Allagadda
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