Sri Swayambhu Varasidhi Vinayaka Temple, Kanipakam

Vinayaka Temple or Sri Varasidhi Vinayaka Swamy Temple is a Hindu temple of Ganesha. It’s far placed at Kanipakam in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India. The temple is ready eleven km from Chittoor and sixty eight km from Tirupati. Consistent with legend, there have been 3 brothers who had been mute, deaf and blind. They were digging a nicely to fetch water to their discipline. The device they had been using fell into the properly hitting hard item. When they dug further, blood started to gush out of the well and the three bumped off their disabilities. The villagers rushed to the spot and determined deity of Ganesha. Villagers dug further, however they had been not able to find the base of the deity. The deity sits within the nicely which is always complete of water.

The temple became constructed within the early 11th century CE by way of the Chola king Kulothunga Chola I and became multiplied similarly in 1336 by the Emperors of Vijayanagara dynasty.“KANI” method one and area land and, “PAKAM” approach flew of water into the land i.E., irrigation. The indication of this became identified as KANIPARAKAM – ultimately calling as KANIPAKAM that is the Tamil Transcended (Derived) word. Legends as in line with the legend of the ancient temple, there had been 3 brothers and each of them had a handicap. In the future, they started digging the nicely for water and unexpectedly the Iron put into effect hit a stone like structure. Later, they saw the blood oozing out from the nicely which made the complete water inside the nicely to show crimson. On looking at this divine sight, they bumped off their deformities. As soon as the locals came to recognise approximately this miracle they attempted to deepen the well further.

The “Swayambhu” idol of Sri Varasiddi Vinayaka emerged from the properly. Later, humans built a temple around the nicely. Even today, the idol is within the authentic properly and the springs of the well are perpetual. The holy water from the well overflows during rainy season. Some other unusual characteristic of the idol is that it’s far still developing in size. It’s far believed that swayambhu idol of Sri Varasiddi Vinayaka is the up-holder of truth. The disputes a few of the humans are resolved by means of taking an oath. It is a normal exercise for the human beings of this vicinity to take a holy dip within the temple tank and swear before the lord to prove their innocence.

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How to reach

  • By Road: Regularly A.P.S.R.T.C buses are available from Chittoor and Tirupati. Kanipakam is 11 km from Chittoor and 75 km from Tirupati.
  • By Train: The nearest railway station is Chittoor. It is well connected to Bangalore, Chennai and Tirupati via Train. There are trains that travel via Katpadi or Tirupati, but do not touch Chittoor. In such cases, Katpadi (just 35km from Chittoor) or Tirupati (70 km from Chittoor), are convenient points to alight. From Katpadi/Tirupati, you can reach Chittoor by train or bus.
  • By Air: Tirupati(Renigunta) is the nearest airport. Direct flights are available from Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai to Tirupati.And the distance from Renigunta Airport to Tirupathi is 16K.M.And Tirupathi To Kanipakam is 75 KM by Bus or Vehicle
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How to reach

  • Nearest airport is Tirupati(Renigunta)
  • Nearest railway station is Tirupati
  • Nearest bus stations are Chittoor and Tirupati
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